About Us

Hi! My name is Cat Clark, I’m 15 and from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England. My blog is about myself and my dogs. It will follow written updates about my life and how our training goes.

My two dogs are called Marley and Gypsy. Gyps is a Border Collie/Labrador mix and is 9 year old. She is very much reaching the end of her agility training but she is my soul dog and was the dog that brought me into dog training as a hobby (soon to be a career, I hope!). Marley is a 3 year old Lurcher, he often gets his long legs in a tangle and he sometimes wonders why do n obstacle when you can go around it and get the reward much quicker? He does, however, mean very well and although is a challenge he’s very fun to train with.

So, for now, enjoy my blog 🙂



  1. I say hi
    Mattys says hi too
    also, don’t forget Michael, who says hi too!
    IT is good. LOL.

    Katie says hallo.

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